quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

DANCE WITH WOLVES - Soundtrack (1995)

Trilha Sonora

01. Main Title-Looks Like A Suicide
02. The John Dunbar Theme
03. Journey To Fort Sedgewick
04. Ride To Fort Hays
05. The Death Of Timmons
06. Two Socks-The Wolf Theme
07. Pawnee Attack
08. Kicking Bird's Gift
09. Journey to the Buffalo Killing Ground
10. The Buffalo Hunt
11. Fire Dance
12. Stands With A Fist Remembers
13. The Love Theme
14. The John Dunbar Theme
15. Two Socks At Play
16. The Death Of Cisco
17. Rescue Of Dances With Wolves
18. The Loss Of The Journal And The Return To Winter Camp
19. Farewell And End Title
20. The John Dunbar Theme
21. Dances With Wolves

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